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Cavity Prevention

cavity prevention

Cavity Prevention and Kids

Cavity prevention begins even before teeth emerge in your infant’s mouth. Taking care of infant and toddler teeth is incredibly important. Don’t wait until your child is several years old (or even in school) before you schedule her first visit to Dr. Cat. During your first dental visit, hopefully before your child is one year of age, we can review with you best practices for home oral care.

If your child already has cavities, you are in great hands at Li’l Sunshine Smiles. Cavities can be treated in baby teeth so oral wellness can be reestablished.  

Cavity Stats

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports that up to 42% of children between 2 and 11 years old have cavities in their baby teeth. Studies show that boys tend to have slightly more cavities than girls do. Around 20% of those children with cavities have not had cavity treatment. Sometimes this is because of economic reasons. Other times it is because parents  weren’t aware that a child had any tooth decay. 

An important thing to note is that cavities need to be addressed even if they are in baby teeth that will be lost eventually. Baby teeth that decay and fall out too soon can affect the permanent teeth. If a tooth is lost too soon, an adult tooth might shift into the wrong place and come into the mouth where it’s not supposed to. This can trigger major orthodontic and dental issues for a child in the future. Stay on top of dental health by taking your infant in for infant dental exams while they are young. 

Free Infant Dental Exams

At our office, we offer free infant dental exams so good oral hygiene can start from infancy to old age.  Dr. Cat and our experienced, friendly staff make our infant dental exams quick and easy for both the parents and children.

Infants can be in their parent’s arms while they have their mouth examined by the dentist. This infant dental exam is done in what’s called a “knee-to-knee” position with Dr. Cat and the parent. 

Infant dental exams allow us to find tooth decay when it starts to happen, and give us an opportunity to show a parent an infant’s mouth and how they can properly clean each tooth. There are certain products to use for an infant’s mouth and ways to brush and floss (when enough teeth come in), but we can help with all of these milestones. 

Early Trips to the Dentist Keep Children’s Anxieties Away

Instead of fearing dental appointments and treatments, children that have infant dental exams and regular visits biannually after, have a smaller risk of developing dental phobias. 

Dr. Cat wants her patients to be comfortable and enjoy their visit to Li’l Sunshine Smiles. Whether it is visiting the dentist for the first time or a checkup, our team ensures there is a fun and friendly environment waiting so your children have the best experience.

Kids can watch TV while they wait for their appointment or if they prefer, they can show their artistic skills while drawing at our art table in the waiting room.

We use of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for children that need a little more soothing. The use of laughing gas, allows Dr. Cat to ease anxiety on children which in turn allows her to do high quality dental work.

Call to Make a Cavity Prevention Appointment Today 

Professional dental exams are a proactive way to prevent (and treat) cavities and tooth decay. They also help maintain tooth health and support a bright, white smile.

Learn more about our dental cleanings or schedule an appointment, by calling our Tampa office today at (813) 576-0200.