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Free Infant Dental Exam

free infant dental exam

Free infant dental exams are offered at Li’l Sunshine Smiles because we know a healthy start is your best start! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children be seen for an exam as early as 1 year of age or within 6 months of the eruption of the first baby tooth. During this appointment, our team will provide you with the best prevention strategies, education and success tips for supporting your child to a healthy smile!

Caring for Infant’s Teeth

You may think that if an infant doesn’t have any teeth, there isn’t anything you have to do yet. Think again!  Cleaning gums twice a day before bedtime and in the morning after the first feeding can remove bacteria from developing areas.

Once teeth buds begin to emerge, begin to use an infant toothbrush (softer, smaller bristles) and water to gently clean the tooth/gum surfaces around the the tooth bud.

Gum brushes–they look like small rubbery attachments that you place over one of your fingers–can aid in keeping gums and emerging teeth clean in an easy-to-clean manner. 

If you begin the oral care process at the infant age, your child will get used to having their teeth brushed and it won’t be a struggle as they become toddlers and children. 

Avoid Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Early childhood tooth decay is a REAL issue in our country. Far too many children from birth to age six have cavities–42 percent!

Caring of infant and toddler teeth is incredibly important. Do all you can do to prevent cavities in your infants so they can avoid the pain and problems tooth decay can create. 

Baby teeth that decay and fall out too soon can affect the permanent teeth. If a tooth is lost too soon, an adult tooth might shift into the wrong place and come into the mouth where it’s not supposed to. This can create major orthodontic and dental issues for a child in the future. Reduce your stress by simply taking your infant in for infant dental exams while they are young. 

Free Infant Dental Exams

At our office, we offer free infant dental exams because good oral hygiene starts off at a very early age. Good infant oral health leads to better child and adult oral health.

Infant dental exams are quick and easy for both parents and infants.  At the first few visits, infants remain in their parent’s arms while they have their mouth examined by the Dr. Cat. This infant dental exam is done in what’s called a “knee-to-knee” position with Dr. Cat and the parent to help the infant feel secure and safe.

During an infant dental exam, Dr. Cat will look for tooth decay and show you how to properly clean and care for the infant’s mouth (and teeth if any are present). 

It’s a Team Effort to Prevent Cavities

Preventing cavities is so much easier than treating cavities. As we work together, we can keep your child’s mouth healthy from birth to adulthood!  Bringing your child to Dr. Cat early on when they are tiny helps them be more comfortable in our dental home for future dental visits.  Establishing positive connections between dental treatment and visits is essential for success with oral health now and in years to come. 

Children that have infant dental exams and frequent visits biannually after, have a reduced risk of developing dental phobias. Let’s work together to keep them healthy and happy! Call us at 813-576-0200 today to schedule an infant dental exam today!