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A pulpotomy, also referred to as a “baby root canal” is a treatment to save a badly decayed tooth possessing an infected pulp. It is commonly performed on baby teeth, especially molars.

What Does a Pulpotomy Procedure Involve?

A pulpotomy procedure begins by making sure your child is free of anxiety and by using a dental anesthetic to make them comfortable.  At Li’l Sunshine Smiles, your little one is our top priority.

During the procedure, Dr. Cat will isolate the tooth to be treated with a rubber sheet (or dam). A special tool is then used to remove the decayed parts of the tooth. Once the infected part of the pulp is removed, the remaining pulp will be sterilized and treated with medication. A special putty will then be applied to seal the remaining tooth. A crown will then be bonded to cover the tooth.

Six months later, Dr. Cat will examine the tooth to see how it is healing. Instructions on caring for the new crown will be given at your appointment so that it can last as long as it should.

Why is a Pulpotomy Necessary?

A pulpotomy is performed when the crown of a tooth has inflamed pulp and when the tooth is healthy enough to be restored. (If it’s too damaged or weak, Dr. Cat will have to extract it.)

Children with chronic health conditions that have a heightened risk for bacterial infections are not good candidates for a pulpotomy.

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