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July 8, 2021
Tooth decay in kids

Understanding How Tooth Decay Affects Your Teeth

Tooth decay in kids is on the rise, according to the largest government study of the nation’s dental health in more than 25 years, The staggering statistics […]
May 13, 2021
dental crown

When Do Children Need Dental Crowns?

Why do children need dental crowns? Sometimes a child may need a dental crown to protect a primary (baby) tooth that is broken or has a […]
March 24, 2021
nutrition and oral health in kids

Improve Your Nutrition, Improve Your Smile

March is National Nutrition Month, a great time to teach your children the importance of nutrition for oral health. Along with daily brushing and flossing, nutrition […]
February 25, 2021
tooth fairy ideas

Make Losing a Tooth Fun with the Tooth Fairy!

February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day. So, when did the legend of the tooth fairy begin? How do countries around the world celebrate the tooth […]
February 18, 2021
children's dental health month tampa

It’s Children’s Dental Health Month – Here Are 5 Tips for Children’s Oral Health

February is Children’s Dental Health Month, a time to assess how we are doing with oral health habits and cavity prevention. Wherever you are today with […]
February 11, 2021
american heart month and oral health

American Heart Month:  Protecting Oral Health Protects Your Heart

February is American Heart Month and a great time to teach your children how oral health relates to heart health. Many are surprised to learn that […]
January 28, 2021
Straws and teeth

Straws and Your Child’s Teeth

So you may have heard conflicting opinions on the use of straws. Some people really feel that the use of straws help protect their child’s teeth […]
January 21, 2021
professional dental cleaning

Start the New Year Right with a Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleanings not only leave your child’s teeth polished and bright, but they help prevent early childhood tooth decay and gum disease.  Preparing your child […]
October 29, 2020
tips for oral care with kids

TRICKS to Make Dental Care a TREAT

Need some tips for oral care with kids? We have them! Getting kids motivated to quit playing and go do something that seems so boring, like […]